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Could we live 40 years longer? The gene merchants think so

robot de opções binárias THE WEEK – MARCH 2014 And why not modify our bodies with the gene that enables polar bears to keep warm in winter?   CRAIG VENTER, the scientist who first mapped the human genome in 2007 and created synthetic life in 2010, announced last week the creation of his new company, Human Longevity Inc, with the Read more about Could we live 40 years longer? The gene merchants think so[…]
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Go East

كيف تربح المال على الانترنت بدون إستثمار Accenture’s Peter Lacy & Boston Consulting Group’s Janmejaya Sinha tell me that the future is millenial, urban, Asian & by 2030 a market worth $7 trillion. I was struck by the vibrancy, the drive and the spirit of Vietnam while I was there for a week last year for Johnnie Walker & Hub Culture’s Keep Walking Read more about Go East[…]

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For America, is the best yet to come? Seven Hills Debate – 21st January 2013, The Corinthia, London The good folks at Seven Hills asked me to speak on a panel kicking off President Obama’s second term. It was an incredibly stimulating evening. Here’s a little write up of the event. They also produced a cracking video . British American Project fellow Edie Lush featured on a high-profile panel Read more about For America, is the best yet to come?[…]