Can a simple text message change a life? For migrants it can

I am really excited to say that the second part of @globalgoalscast‘s episode on migration is now live. It concludes an incredible, tragic but also uplifting story. You can tune in here.

More than 30,000 African migrants have died crossing the Mediterranean. Ibrahim Kondeh narrowly escapes becoming one of them. But through luck and courage, he makes it across to Italy, although he pays a terrible price on the way.

In the the second part of @globalgoalscast‘s episode on migration, @claudiaromoedelman and I complete the story of this one migrant.

“The story of migrants should be told more,” Ibrahim says in this episode. “People tend to follow what the media tells about migrants and refugees – seen as people who come in to steal jobs, criminals. So, as a result, no one knows what our actual stories are. Positive stories can change the mindset of people.”

Ibrahim encounters frustration and racism in Italy. But he also is helped along the way, particularly by an innovative use of text messaging called U-report. @tanyaaccone of @unicef explains that U-report connects Ibrahim and other migrants and refugees with experts who can advise them when they are at their most vulnerable, alone in a new land without language our resources.

With the help of U-report Ibrahim navigates the Italian immigration rules and enrolls in high school. “A simple SMS,” says Tanya Accone, “can it change your life? I think Ibrahim would say, yes, it can.” U-report currently operates in 65 countries with 8.5 million uses. It is growing rapidly. Mathias invited companies, agencies, NGOs and youth groups to partner with u report to help provide migrants and refugees with answers to their questions * * *

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Listen now and hear the rest of “irregular migrant” @iam_ibra99‘s incredible story.

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