The Global GoalsCast

This is a pivotal moment. COVID-19 has changed everything. How do we build back a better world?

The movements for ESG, the SDGs, Climate Action and equity and inclusion had been proceeding along separate and often unconnected paths. Suddenly the world shifted. These movements have moved from the fringes of government and corporate attention into the mainstream. The argument that the time is now has grown louder. In many quarters the issue has shifted from whether to engage with these issues to “How do we engage? What should we do? And what will really make a difference”?

The podcast shines light on global goals and captures the attention of our audience by exploring individuals with inspiring stories. Guests from around the globe share their stories about overcoming obstacles to achieve the goals. These stories empower our listeners to take action and gives them examples to work with.

IMPACT20: The National Conversation

Hosted by Shevaun Haviland, Deputy Director of the Business Partnerships Team in the Cabinet Office and Lead for the IEP and Edie Lush, co-host for Global GoalsCast podcast and former Economics and Political Correspondent, Bloomberg, the six series podcast discusses some of the most pervasive issues in our society including financial inclusion, inequality and mental health, and how business, government and society can get together to solve these problems.

Podcast guests include business leaders and activists including Steve Murrells, Chief Executive of the Co-Op Group, Nazir Afzal, the prosecutor of the Rochdale grooming gang and Emma Howard-Boyd, Chair of the Environment Agency, discussing what the future looks like post COVID around the UK.

You can listen to the podcasts on AudioBoom, Apple and Spotify here.

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