A date for your diary – The Recovery Summit

When is the last time your conversation with someone didn’t involve the word ‘pandemic?’ I’ve followed and reported on what has become the biggest global crisis for a century for the Global GoalsCast and am relieved that conversation now centers around topics like,

How do we bounce back from this? 

How do we learn the lessons of the Covid19 crisis and apply them to the future?

And on those very topics, I am really pleased to be part of the Recovery Summit, hosted by Speaker Associates.

Running online from 15-19 June 2020, more than 60 of the world’s leading authorities will share their latest thinking on the global economy, leadership, managing change, innovation, disruption and resilience.

Over the five days there will be presentations, interviews and thought provoking debate. It is guaranteed to make you think about what type of future you want.

Among the speakers already lined up are some of my personal heroes – French Presidential Advisor Jacques Atali, Jim Snabe, one of Europe’s leading industrialists, Olympic Gold Medalist Lord Sebastian Coe, Ingrid Bettancourt, an anti-corruption activist who spent six years in captivity and political expert Dr. Moisés Naim, among so many more. Dr. Naim gave me one of my favorite phrases of all times – Ideological necrophilia – the passionate love for bad ideas that have been tried and tested around the world.

And hosting and asking some of the questions will be me. Register now for free and please do use this code – so they know I sent you!