Journey to Ithra – Digital Wellbeing Summit

This week I visited Ithra, the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, in Dharan Saudi Arabia.

Ithra, which means ‘enrichment’ in Arabic, aims to inspire minds and serve as a beacon of knowledge and creativity.

It was the ideal setting in which to co-host the inaugural Sync Ithra Digital Wellbeing Summit; an exchange of ideas and solutions for improving our relationship with tech.

Here are four thought-provoking statistics I learnt during the summit:

📰 News is the primary reason why 68% of global citizens come back to social media – Fighting the misinformation epidemic is now more important than ever. 

📱53% of people would rather live without a close friend than without their mobile.

🌐 Born into a fully digital world, more than half of Gen Z individuals admit to having been addicted to online content at some point in their lives.

🌍 2.9 billion people (37% of the world) are still offline – How do we ensure that those about to be connected are not exposed to the known risks of technology?

As part of the summit, I hosted Agoras (in ancient Greek cities, the Agora served as a meeting ground for commerce, public discourse, and social life) getting views from the audience.