Pictet’s ‘Found in Conversation’ Podcast | The Future of Europe

In the coming months, I have the pleasure of hosting three episodes of Pictet’s ‘Found in Conversation’ podcast, a show that has delivered wonderfully insightful talks with figures such as Malcolm Gladwell and Sir David King. I started listening to this podcast in the pandemic, and I still use a technique I learned in the very first episode with author of ‘Tiny Habits’ BJ Fogg every day.

My first episode as host is out today! I discuss the future of Europe with Historian Timothy Garton Ash, Diplomat Catherine Ashton and Economist Frederik Ducrozet. Some moments surprised me, like hearing how Helmut Kohl compared himself to Adolf Hitler (how about that for a conversation stopper!) and the pivotal moment when Europe lost its chance to bring Ukraine into the EU (leading to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine).

What resonated with me was the potential that turmoil and conflict brings. Tim talks about Europe’s ‘pivotal generations’ – the 14’ers for whom WWI was their defining moment, the 39’ers (WWII), the 68’ers (invasion of Czechoslovakia) and the 89’ers (fall of the Berlin Wall). Survivors chose to forge a stronger Europe because of what they’d personally  experienced.  It made me reflect that today’s significant challenges – the war in Ukraine, migration pressures, rising living costs and the aftermath of Covid & Brexit, offers us a chance.

Economists speak of creative destruction – where new ideas and technologies replace old ones, driving progress. It’s essential but disruptive and painful. I was reminded that from destruction and conflict, a new spirit of creation and cooperation can arise. You can find the episode wherever you usually listen to your podcasts. Let me know what you think!

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