ThinkPod, London

While hosting and chairing panels during the FII Institute’s inaugural regional summit at the Rosewood Hotel in London, I also produced the filming of the second series of ThinkPod.

ThinkPod, the FII Institute’s recently launched podcast initiative, aims to empower an audience of young, globally-minded and ambitious professionals with insights from some of the world’s foremost thinkers.

I enlisted friend and former Bloomberg colleague Mark Barton to ask the tough questions as we provoked thoughtful discussions centred ESG and impact investing.

We engaged with European political leaders, Nigerian VCs, Iranian tech entrepreneurs and Indian finance leaders on a range of issues from nuclear non-proliferation to the future of smart cities in Africa.

Many thanks to James Mackinnon (and his fantastic crew), Francisco Serra-Martins, Chris Martlew and Spoken, for their invaluable support.

These interviews will be released in the near future, but Series 1 is available to watch in full here.

📰 Read about my work at FII, and the rest of an extraordinary May here.