This year at Davos

A month on from my visit to Davos – home of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meetings – I wanted to reflect on my experiences.

Since my first visit to the city over a decade ago, the world has changed… a LOT.

From the fallout after the Great Recession to extraordinary economic development; from searing populism to inspiring climate activism; from a global health crisis to the fourth industrial revolution; our planet has been radically transformed.

It is always a joy to be reunited with the Hub Culture crew and over the course of the week, we hosted some incredible guests; Ukrainian refugees, inspirational female founders, youth climate activists, FinTech disruptors and pioneering digital artists.

We laughed. We cried. We boiled in the Hub Culture glass studio (an oasis in the winter, and a sauna in the May heat!)

I always think that a visit to Davos is like reading a year’s worth of The Economist in a matter of days. The streets are alive with inspirational thinkers and change makers who are carving the shape of tomorrow’s world.

The conversation was dominated by my new favourite phrase, “the tornado of crises”. Amidst rising geopolitical tensions, economic turmoil, soaring food prices, the climate emergency and the legacy of the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s easy to lose sight of successes, solutions and causes for optimism.

Whilst the WEF’s outlook is bleak, I remain confident in the capacity of leaders to transform our world for the better.

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